Boob Memes

Boob Memes

1. Man Boobs Variations

Boob Memes
Boob Memes

Who knew there were so many varieties? Man boobs are even MORE unique than women’s..

2. Man Bras

Man Bras

Just the thought of a man wearing a bra is uncomfortable, never mind that it’s too tight!

3. Boobs Comparison

Boobs Comparison

What IS this. . . a gender boob contest? Who really loses here?..

4. What Men See

What Men See

Boobs on anyone will catch a man’s attention. He won’t like it, he just can’t help it.

5. Moobs Are A Bitch

Moobs Are A Bitch

Boys and men with moobs are just plain angry all the time. We don’t blame them.

6. Bro Bras

Bro Bras

When your bro’s boobies are too large, buy bras to smash them?

7. Star Trekkie

Star Trekkie

As much as Captain Kurt approved of boobs, we’re not sure if he’d approve of moobs? Sorry bro..


8. Muscle Moobs

Muscle Moobs

If you build-up your chest muscles and then stop working-out, moobs Boob Memes may be a side effect.

9. Ole Men Boobs

Ole Men Boobs

If Granny no longer wears a bikini and now “covers-up” at the beach SO can you Grandpa. . . please?..

10. Hairy Moobs

Hairy Moobs

Floppy or not. . . Gramps if you’ve gotta go shirtless, consider a shave?..

Boob Memes

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